Raspberry Picking at Fruition Berry Farm

After an eight-year hiatus, I figured it was time to get my act together and start posting something before my writing skills atrophied all together.

This summer, at long last having finished any type of schooling for the next few years, I finally managed to have the time to do a bit of traveling around the area where I live and outside the country. Berry picking has been one of those activities that I’ve wanted to do since I moved to Kingston. I had plans to set out to the Picton area where I had spotted some fruit farms a couple of years ago but the right summer just seemed to never come along. I had not thought to consider that some fruit farms might be nearby (which, in hindsight, makes perfect sense).

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The Dark Jewels Trilogy (Book 1)

Daughter of the Blood
By Anne Bishop


I remember when I was younger, there was a book I read about princesses whose powers were stored in the form of jewels and each princess ruled a particular territory or domain. The Sapphire princess had a sapphire jewel and ruled the lakes (I think), the Ruby princess had a ruby necklace and was characteristically rebellious in nature…

The Dark Jewels Trilogy is the mature version of such a tale. With its ample description of gore and bloodshed, a long-awaited blossoming romance and scrumptious settings, this book reads very much like lore. 

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The Looking Glass Wars (Book 1)

The Looking Glass Wars
By Frank Beddor

2.25 / 5

With the amount of ‘good’ reviews this book was getting, I was expecting a much more eventful plot than I got. I had at first hesitated in getting this book simply because I didn’t like spin-offs of Alice in Wonderland as much anymore as there were just too many of them.  Still, after an unsuccessful hunt through Dymocks for something readable, I found myself picking this book up and reading through the summary on the book jacket.

It didn’t say much on the back, but okay, I’ve heard this book mentioned a couple of times somewhere before. I hoped it wouldn’t be too bad–it claimed to be a darker, grittier version than the original, which is fine. I didn’t have large qualms with twisted fairytales. Perhaps this author would present a refreshing perspective on this tale.

I was wrong. 

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