The Dark Jewels Trilogy (Book 1)

Daughter of the Blood
By Anne Bishop


I remember when I was younger, there was a book I read about princesses whose powers were stored in the form of jewels and each princess ruled a particular territory or domain. The Sapphire princess had a sapphire jewel and ruled the lakes (I think), the Ruby princess had a ruby necklace and was characteristically rebellious in nature…

The Dark Jewels Trilogy is the mature version of such a tale. With its ample description of gore and bloodshed, a long-awaited blossoming romance and scrumptious settings, this book reads very much like lore. 

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The Looking Glass Wars (Book 1)

The Looking Glass Wars
By Frank Beddor

2.25 / 5

With the amount of ‘good’ reviews this book was getting, I was expecting a much more eventful plot than I got. I had at first hesitated in getting this book simply because I didn’t like spin-offs of Alice in Wonderland as much anymore as there were just too many of them.  Still, after an unsuccessful hunt through Dymocks for something readable, I found myself picking this book up and reading through the summary on the book jacket.

It didn’t say much on the back, but okay, I’ve heard this book mentioned a couple of times somewhere before. I hoped it wouldn’t be too bad–it claimed to be a darker, grittier version than the original, which is fine. I didn’t have large qualms with twisted fairytales. Perhaps this author would present a refreshing perspective on this tale.

I was wrong. 

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